16 Facts: Singer and Songwriter Charlie Puth

You are about to find out some interesting facts that you need to know about the “One Call Away” star, Charlie Puth. While many might have already heard so many things about his music, now, we are going to tackle a little more about his life. Let’s see how much of a fan you are as we go along with Charlie Puth’s 16 Facts.

  1. What’s his real name?

Say hello to Charles Otto Puth Jr.

  1. When is his birthday?

A Sagittarius, Charles was born on December 2, 1991

  1. Where was he born?

Charlie was born in Rumson, New Jersey

  1. Does he have a nickname?

Charlie’s nickname is Chunky Spunky Monkey Poofington. Weird, but cute. Ain’t that, right?

  1. How did Charlie get interested in music?

Charlie Puth was simply born gifted with talent in music

  1. How was Charlie Puth discovered?

He set up a YouTube channel back in 2009 entitled ‘CharliesVlogs’ where he uploaded song covers and life updates

  1. When did he become a star?

We all know how Ellen DeGeneres likes to invite famous YouTubers into her show. Even though Charlie thought it was a prank at first, Ellen’s team were persistent enough to finally get a hold of him after he hung up on her three times!

  1. He’s talented, but is the pitch perfect?

Well, Charlie can identify a note and easily replicate it. So, yes.

  1. Is singing the only best thing he can do?

He’s a singer-songwriter, and a music producer too!

  1. Work with Wiz Khalifa? How did that happen?

Charlie featured Wiz Khalifa in his tribute track for Paul Walker. The song “See You Again” was one of the biggest in 2015.

  1. Most famous look-alike?

Does Josh Hutcherson ring a bell? Definitely!

  1. That kiss with Meghan Trainor?

He says they’re friends, so maybe a friendly kiss?

  1. Any guilty pleasures?

Without a doubt, Charlie admitted that his favorite Kardashian sister is Kourtney.

  1. Favorite meal?

Sesame Entrée fits right into Charlie’s tummy.

  1. What really happened to his eyebrow?

When he was 12, Charlie was attacked by a dog which caused the scar on his right eyebrow. Thankfully not his eye!

  1. Juicy Tweet?

He says he likes to eat breakfast in the shower!

There you go! How about that for a Charlie Puth get-to-know session? Keep yourself posted for more trivia and fun facts about Charlie’s music life.

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