Outdoor Party Tech For Your Summer Party

Do you have the perfect backyard for outdoor entertaining? If not, you will once you add these fantastic party gadgets. Your picnics, barbecues and summer evening gatherings for friends and family members will be legendary with these gadgets. And if you want to have some fun family time in the backyard they are great for that too. Here are a few of the best new summer outdoor party tech gadgets that you will want this summer. There are great kitchen gadgets for your next party. 


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Get A Movie Projector Over The Summer

Fatboy Lamzac Inflatable Loungers

These loungers are made for lazy outdoor evenings or watching movies on a projector in the backyard at night. They are heavy duty but soft and comfortable. They inflate in seconds and unlike most inflatable backyard furniture they have a massive 440-pound weight capacity. So you could fit the entire family one if you wanted to or you could snuggle up with your sweetheart to watch the stars and listen to music. 

Solar Orb Lanterns

These pretty lanterns look like Chinese paper lanterns but they don’t require any electrical plugs so you can hang them or place them anywhere. Each one is stand alone too so you can place them in groups or have just one for romantic mood lighting. They are solar powered so they will charge all day sitting in the sun and glow all night for your party or outdoor get together on those warm summer evenings. They give your party a traditional party atmosphere without needing a place to plug them in.

Sunbright Outdoor 4k TV

If you take your outdoor entertaining seriously this 55 inch 4K TV is for you. It’s specially designed to be viewed in partial sunlight so that there is no glare and the picture is very clear even when the sun is on it. This is the perfect addition to an outdoor living room area, outdoor kitchen and barbecue area, or a three season room where there is substantial sun shining in the room most of the day. And it’s great for watching your favorite movies outdoors at night.

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Have A Great Outdoor Party

Fire Glass

Fire Glass is a beautiful way to make your gas fire pit into a stunning work of art. This specialty glass can withstand high gas heat and it replaces gas fire logs. Also, it has brilliantly colored shimmering glass chips that won’t crack, break, shatter or splinter. Available in many colors they create a whimsical effect for any fire pit that looks beautiful and inviting. Take a break from the party tech and use an iphone spy app to see what your significant other is up to. 


If you love movies and you and your family love to watch movies on the CineBox outdoor theater system. It has an inflatable screen and a projector that hooks to a smartphone so you can stream movies and TV. And project them large enough for everyone to watch. This is a very fun way to watch movies as a family or host a movie night for your friends under the stars. Enjoy your summer with this party tech, or more online. Check out the last post on graduation gifts.